Usher suffers major technical malfunction during Super Bowl Halftime Show as furious fans say producers ‘did him dirty’

Usher suffers major technical malfunction during Super Bowl Halftime Show as furious fans say producers ‘did him dirty’

USHER has graced the Super Bowl with his presence, but he suffered a major technology malfunction during the big show.

Usher, 45, was awarded the honor of performing during the Super Bowl halftime show this year.

Usher suffers major technical malfunction during Super Bowl Halftime Show as furious fans say producers ‘did him dirty’
Usher suffered a technological malfunction during the Super Bowl

At the beginning of his performance, fans complained that they couldn’t hear Usher[/caption]

As fans screamed and dancers surrounded him, viewers at home could barely hear the singer.

At the very beginning of his epic performance, the sound from the hitmaker’s microphone cut in and out.

The giant microphone, that stretched across his face and covered half of his mouth, just wasn’t cutting it.

It wasn’t until Usher brought out another major star, Alicia Keys, that the sound finally stabilized.

He also brought out his friend Ludacris to perform their hit song Yeah!

Halfway through the performance, it seemed that the sound team switched out his microphone.

He was soon standing in front of a typical microphone and mic stand that would be seen at most concerts.

Not long after that, Usher appeared with another microphone attached to his face so he could freely dance – and rollerskate – around the stage.

Thankfully, the sound levels evened out from the middle of the performance to the end.


Football fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, slammed the halftime team for the tech issue.

“Why did they do Usher so dirty with that trash audio quality?” one person asked.

“Who was doing the mic check because I can’t hear Usher’s voice that well,” another wrote with crying emojis.

“I’m glad they swapped his mic. I was going to be so disappointed if Usher couldn’t hit those notes like he used to,” one chimed in.

“That was a different show. Lots of surprise elements something new.”

“Wish the mic was louder but solid 7/10. Old people are a little lost but whatever,” commented another fan.

A fifth shared, “I don’t know what is worse: The offense in the first half or Usher’s mic.”


After his big performance, Usher plans to get married to his girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea, 39, it was been reported.

The singer obtained a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada, on February 8, court documents revealed.

Their nuptials are planned for after his highly anticipated halftime performance in Las Vegas.

He decided to get married after getting some words of wisdom from his spiritual advisor Amba Kahly Su, as per the Daily Mail.

Sources revealed that the wedding will be extremely private and only close family and friends are expected to attend.

Usher and Jennifer first fueled dating rumors in June 2019, after being seen together at their mutual friend Keith Thomas’ birthday.

In September 2020, Usher and Jennifer announced that they welcomed their first daughter Sovereign.

Sovereign is their first child together but is the singer’s third overall.

Then, in October 2021, Jennifer gave birth to their second child together and Usher’s fourth – a son named Sire.


Despite the technicalities, Usher had a great performance with Alicia Keys and Ludacris[/caption]


Fans online were thrilled that the mic eventually evened out so they could enjoy the show[/caption]


Sources claim Usher plans to marry girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea after tonight’s performance[/caption]

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