The tiny Italian shop that sells 100 kinds of tiramisu – and people are obsessed with it

The tiny Italian shop that sells 100 kinds of tiramisu – and people are obsessed with it

A SMALL cafe in Rome has been described by visitors as one of the best experiences in the city, with people flocking to try its desserts.

Mr 100 has gained quite a reputation among its customers, due to its extensive range of sweet treats.

The tiny Italian shop that sells 100 kinds of tiramisu – and people are obsessed with it

Customers seem to love the pistachio flavoured tiramisu[/caption]


Other options include ones flavoured with chocolate bars[/caption]


The menu is extensive and has 100 different flavours of the dessert[/caption]

Its name comes from the fact it sells 100 different varieties of the traditional Italian pudding, tiramisu.

From classic tiramisu, to cocktail flavoured ones, including pina colada and mojito, with everything in between, the creative menu has a whole host of options to suit everyone’s tastes, provided they like tiramisu.

The choices are broken up into nine different sections, including “classico” “speciali” and “frutta”.

The more inventive sections include “nutella” with each of the eight options involving the hazelnut spread in one way or another.

Then there’s also the “snack” option, with chocolate bars including Twix, Mars, Bounty and Snickers among several options to be incorporated into the tiramisus.

With such an extensive menu, it would be easy for Mr 100 to opt for quantity over quality, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

One student who became a fan of the cafe while spending time in Italy, Andrea Zachrich, described the desserts on her blog as “easily the best tiramisu I had while in Italy”.

She isn’t the only one to have praised the establishment either.

In fact, Mr 100 has hundreds of five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, with people going out of their way to return for more dessert whenever they visit Rome.

One wrote: “We only did take away but it was delicious, there is 100 flavours to choose from, that’s the hardest part so had to go twice!”

Another said: “Best experience we had in Rome. Very friendly and welcoming people.

“They recommend wine to taste with either tiramisu or any appetisers. 100% recommend to try it out.”

A third added: “Fabulous variations of excellent tiramisu.

“Will definitely return on our next visit to Rome.”

Judging by the comments on TripAdvisor, the pistachio flavour seems to be high among the favourites of frequent visitors.

One said: “You can taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Prepared on the spot. The pistachio was our favourite!! So so rich.”

Another added: “We stopped in to get a few tiramisu’s to go and we were not disappointed. Pistachio one was amazing. Also tried an apple one and a Twix one. Delicious!”

A third agreed: “We must have tried at least 10 different flavours between us, and they were all delicious – but the pistachio and the black cherry were the clear winners for us.”

Meanwhile, this is the most beautiful cafe in the world.

And these hidden gem restaurants can be found right in the heart of London’s tourist traps.


The cafe is found down a small alleyway not far from the Pantheon[/caption]


Some say it’s the best experience they had in Rome[/caption]

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