Terrifying moment British Airways flight aborts attempt to land at Heathrow Airport as plane battles Storm Isha winds

Terrifying moment British Airways flight aborts attempt to land at Heathrow Airport as plane battles Storm Isha winds

THIS is the terrifying moment a British Airways flight aborts an attempt to land at Heathrow Airport as it battles Storm Isha.

The plane can be seen briefly touching down on the runway before abandoning the landing and taking back to the skies.

Terrifying moment British Airways flight aborts attempt to land at Heathrow Airport as plane battles Storm Isha winds

A British Airways flight was unable to land due to the strong winds at Heathrow[/caption]


The pilot was forced to take off again and recircle several times before it could land[/caption]

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Another flight has been forced to divert 500miles, from Dublin to Paris[/caption]

Footage shared to YouTube showed several planes abandoning their attempts to land – including the British Airways plane that was forced to take off again after its wobbly landing.

The aircraft can be seen visibly shaking from the gusts of wind as it comes down. It hits the ground unevenly on the back-left wheel and bounces back off of the tarmac.

The pilot attempted to land minutes later, but was forced to turn around again and recircle as the gusts remained too strong.

It took several attempts before the pilot could land safely.

It comes as other airlines have had to land 500 miles away to escape the dangerous 90mph gales.

Data from FlightRadar24 revealed that several flights were forced to change their paths on Sunday.

A Ryanair airplane flying from Manchester to Dublin had its course changed so drastically by the dangerous gales that it landed in Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport – a whopping 500 miles away.

The National Air Traffic Services said: “Due to adverse weather conditions across the UK, temporary air traffic restrictions are in place.

“Restrictions of this sort are only every applied to maintain safety.

“Our teams are working closely with airports and airlines to minimise disruption.

“Passengers should check the status of their flight with their airline.”

British Airways said: “Like other airlines, we have had to make schedule adjustments due to the adverse weather conditions across the UK and Europe caused by Storm Isha.

“We’ve apologised to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans and our teams are working hard to get them on their way as quickly as possible.”

The weather service warned coastal areas should continue to expect stormy conditions overnight and into Monday morning.

Capel Curig, in Eryri, Wales, had strong blasts of 90mph hit the area this afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Met Office told The Sun: “Capel Curig, in Eryri, is a very exposed site that is notorious for having strong winds.

“The wind funnels into that area.

“It did get a gust of wind at 90mph at 3 o’clock this afternoon.”

The Met Office added that “everyone will be affected” by the storm which could see 70mph winds inland and gusts of 80mph in other parts.

The spokesman added: “The essential message is that it is best not to travel if you don’t need to.

“Avoid exposed routes such as higher areas or coastal roads, stick to main routes such as motorways and be careful when passing high-sided vehicles.”

Forecasters previously issued a yellow weather warning for rain covering the entirety of the UK, while more severe amber warnings, this time for wind, blanket much of the North and West.

Everywhere north of Manchester, including all of Scotland, as well as much of Wales and the north coast of Devon and Cornwall are forecast to see gusts reaching up to 85mph today.

A “tornado watch” zone was issued for Northern Ireland, as well as parts of Scotland and northern England by the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (Torro) on Sunday afternoon.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “There is a potential that we could see the odd isolated tornado largely tied in with the squally cold front mainly in western parts of the UK on Sunday evening.

“They can cause some significant damage but often on a very localised scale, they often don’t tend to last very long.”

Forecasters have also revealed a few top tips that could help keep you safe throughout the savage storm.

Car users have been told to increase their gaps, use dipped headlights, and maintain a strong grip on their wheel.

While members of the public have been told to stay away from glass, such as windows, and to also stay away from rooms where there is no chimney stack above.

The UK has been told to brace themselves for disruption to power supplies, trees blowing down, and full-blown travel chaos.

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Motorists have been forced to abandon their cars due to intense flooding in Cumbria[/caption]


Trees have been falling down in South Belfast[/caption]


Travel chaos is already ensuing, as roads are closed in Scotland[/caption]


Hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled across the UK[/caption]

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