Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Battery Doorbell Plus – which to buy

Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Battery Doorbell Plus – which to buy

RING stands as the undisputed leader in the security doorbell market, offering a range of smart home doorbells tailored to all budgets.

For those grappling with which Ring doorbell to go for, we’ve compared two of the most favoured devices in our Ring Video Doorbell versus Ring Battery Doorbell Plus explainer — to help you choose the best fit for you.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Battery Doorbell Plus – which to buy
Ring is the best-known name when it comes to security doorbells, but which of its devices should you choose

Ring debuted in 2014 as the first video doorbell on the market, and has maintained its status as the preferred choice for security-conscious shoppers ever since.

Now under Amazon’s umbrella of smart home devices, we’ve seen the video doorbell evolve over the years, offering options tailored to all budgets.

Last year saw the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus join its ranks, as the older models were retired.

This means shoppers are faced with choosing between the basic Ring Video Doorbell and the flagship Ring Battery Doorbell Plus.

The question is: which should you buy?

To help you answer just, I’ve compared both battery-powered models in this Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Battery Doorbell Plus guide.

I’ve looked at what they’ll set you back (there’s only £60 between them), what features you’ll be getting, and give my verdict.

There are alternatives to Ring in today’s market, so I’ve pitted the Blink doorbell against the market leader in my Blink vs Ring comparison.

For a deeper dive into Amazon’s smart devices, visit our dedicated page for Amazon device deals, where we keep you updated on the latest offers.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Battery Doorbell Plus: Price

Price is a crucial factor for many consumers, and Ring addresses a wide range of budgets.

If affordability is your priority, the battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell is the obvious winner at £99.99. However, the wired alternative presents substantial cost savings, priced at £59.99 for those with existing wiring.

Those with budgets that can stretch to the Ring Battery Doorbell at £159.99 will gain improved video and audio quality over the budget models.

But, considering the £60 price difference between the entry-level Ring Video Doorbell and the flagship battery-powered model, it’s essential to assess whether the enhancements justify the additional expense.

Of course, if you simply want the best of the best and are willing to invest in it, consider the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

The Pro 2 adds head-toe video and 3D Motion Detection, but professional installation is required, and it comes with a hefty price tag of £220, which is steep for a doorbell.

Keep in mind, that a good time to pick up any Ring device is during the late-November sales, so bookmark our Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals page for the best offers when the sales are on.

  • Shop all Ring devices here
  • Ring Video Doorbell Wired, £59.99 – buy here
  • Ring Video Doorbell, £99.99 – buy here
  • Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, £159.99 – buy here
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, £219.99 – buy here

Ring Video Doorbell vs Battery Doorbell Plus: Video and audio quality

When choosing a video doorbell, the quality of both video and audio is a key factor to consider.

Either of these devices does the job well, the Battery Doorbell Plus outshines the Video Doorbell by a significant margin in terms of performance.

The Battery Plus stands out for its superior video quality, boasting a 1536p HDR camera that delivers remarkable clarity. In contrast, the Video Doorbell offers a still impressive 1080p HD camera, though without HDR.

While still reliable, the absence of HDR (high dynamic range) on the 2nd Gen Video Doorbell means it may not perform as effectively in brightening darker areas.

Both models include Live View and Night Vision, but the Battery Plus surpasses with added features like a 1:1 Aspect Ratio and Colour Night Vision, enhancing overall image size and clarity.

Fortunately, in terms of audio capabilities, both models excel with advanced two-way audio featuring effective noise cancellation.

Additionally, both devices offer the convenience of setting up Quick Replies, allowing you to pre-record messages for those times when you are not in.

Ultimately, both devices effectively fulfil the job at hand; however, the Battery Doorbell Plus stands out as the better performer if your budget can stretch to it.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Battery Doorbell Plus: Design

Both models boast the classic Ring aesthetic, appearing nearly identical in design.

But, believe it or not, there are subtle differences between these two battery-powered doorbells when examined closely enough.

Despite sharing the same dimensions, the Battery Doorbell Plus distinguishes itself with a slightly larger camera, owing to its wider vertical field of view (150 degrees compared to 90 degrees).

The main distinction lies in the removable rechargeable battery of the Plus model, as opposed to the fixed rechargeable battery of the Ring Video Doorbell.

It may seem like a minor difference, but the fixed battery on the budget model means you need to remove the entire fixture to charge it.

The removable battery of the Plus doorbell is a welcome upgrade, allowing you to conveniently pop the battery from underneath for recharging.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Battery Doorbell Plus: Features and connectivity

When it comes to features, both doorbells provide motion detection, two-way talk, and Ring app compatibility. But the Battery Doorbell Plus includes additional features, delivering added value for your investment.

This includes innovative features such as 3D Motion Detection, which essentially gives you much more accurate motion alerts – so you don’t have to contend with as many false alarms.

The latest model comes with field-of-view enhancements, offering a comprehensive 150-degree by 150-degree coverage from head to toe.

That’s particularly beneficial for observing everything around your doorstep (including the doorstep itself), which is ideal for keeping a watchful eye on parcels.

The Ring Video Doorbell boasts a slightly broader 155-degree field of view, although its vertical perspective is limited to 90 degrees. So, you’ll need to consider how much value this holds for you.

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of any smart device, and both doorbells boast 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi support at a comparable level. However, it’s worth noting that the Plus model falls short of our expectations by not featuring dual-band support.

Nonetheless, the 2.4 GHz support is sufficient for smooth communication with the Ring app and other connected devices, such as Alexa.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Battery Doorbell Plus: Verdict

Ultimately, both Ring doorbells offer reliable home security solutions, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities.

The standard Ring Video Doorbell is an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers. But those expecting more out of the box will want to opt for the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus.

Here is our verdict.

Choose the Ring Video Doorbell if…

  • You have budget constraints and are looking for an affordable smart doorbell option.
  • You’re satisfied with basic video and audio quality.
  • You want the core functionality of the Plus for less.

Choose the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus if…

  • You prioritise high-quality video and audio for an immersive user experience.
  • You want the removable charging option.
  • You want advanced features like Live View and real-time notifications out of the box.



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