My mom taught me the art of comforter cleaning – her ‘abanico’ method ensures a good, deep wash in the laundry

My mom taught me the art of comforter cleaning – her ‘abanico’ method ensures a good, deep wash in the laundry

A CLEANING guru has shared her mom’s magic tips for getting a spotless comforter.

This daughter’s duvet has also been sparkling ever since.

My mom taught me the art of comforter cleaning – her ‘abanico’ method ensures a good, deep wash in the laundry
A cleaning guru shared her mother’s comforter cleaning trick
TikTok/ sharoncleanseverything
She showed off her own stained bedding
TikTok/ sharoncleanseverything

“Do you have a comforter – and when was the last time you washed it?” asked Sharon Garcia (@sharoncleanseverything).

She showed her own bedding that was in desperate need of some cleaning but not to worry – she was about to spill the family secrets.

“There are cleaning techniques my mom taught me that I realized I haven’t shared with everyone,” she said.

Sharon demonstrated her mother’s trusty method.

“I fold it in like a fan – my mom called it an abanico in Spanish. I’m folding over and under and over and under creating gaps between to ensure a good deep wash,” she said.

This self-proclaimed CEO of cleaning repeated this technique once again until it seemed she had perfected her flawless folding technique.

“I do this about four times a month. I do use a duvet cover and I like to switch out my sheets weekly,” she said.

Even when her bedding burrito was complete her quest for extra clean laundry didn’t end there as she threw her now folded comforter into the washer.

After spot-treating in the stains with some Procyon she added some vinegar.

While she ran out of her favorite cleaning item, OxiClean white revive, she replaced the product with Arm and Hammer plus OxiClean.

“Remember when it comes to your comforter run a cold wash with a heavy load and dry it on low,” she said.

It seemed she was definitely her mother’s daughter.

She also added wool balls to speed up the drying process.

Arm and Hammer with OxiClean sells for $9.48 at Walmart and is described as offering powerful stain-removing properties and a fresh scent.

Her pro-tip product had many satisfied customers.

“Cleans well and smells great and the fact it has OxiClean in it I hardly notice stains after washing in this – unless they’re old ones,” wrote one purchaser.

“I’ve used for over five years and love it. My mom who is a lifelong Tide user switched after using it at my house. It also makes a fantastic spot treater on stains,” said another customer.

“It works out so awesome I love it,” said Sharon.

Her fans couldn’t wait to get their own cleaning game on.

“Thanks for the tips!” said one follower.

“You’re welcome,” she replied.

“Love it! Definitely doing this!” another viewer shared.

“I never thought to fold it like this! I just roll it into a burrito and hope for the best,” said a watcher.

“You’re doing your best!” she responded.

TikTok/ sharoncleanseverything

Her mom’s abanico method involved folding the comforter over and under multiple times[/caption]

She continued until she achieved her own bedding burrito
TikTok/ sharoncleanseverything
TikTok/ sharoncleanseverything

It seemed the apple didn’t fall far from the tree – after throwing everything in the wash she had gotten her own clean comforter[/caption]

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