My date was so bad I deleted Hinge – he demanded I wear an outfit he found on my Instagram, it went downhill from there

My date was so bad I deleted Hinge – he demanded I wear an outfit he found on my Instagram, it went downhill from there

A WOMAN went on a date so awful, she deleted Hinge permanently when it ended.

She explained that her date’s demands to wear a specific outfit off her social media photos were just one of the few things that put her off.

My date was so bad I deleted Hinge – he demanded I wear an outfit he found on my Instagram, it went downhill from there
Ariel shared her worst date experience with a man she met on Hinge

Ariel (@arielsimone_xo) shared the bad date story in a TikTok video.

She called it her “worst date ever,” so much so that she decided never to use the dating app Hinge ever again.

“I deleted my Hinge account after this, I highly don’t recommend,” she said.

As she put on makeup to go out, she explained that her date had asked her out on a bowling date.

“I should’ve known this was a red flag. This man literally went on my Instagram from years ago and took an old picture of me in some heels and a hat,” she said.

“[He] was like ‘Can you wear this to the bowling alley? I think this picture is fly. You got on heels, you got on a hat, and I want you to be fly.’

“I’m like, I don’t even know where this outfit is. This is years ago. I haven’t worn this outfit in forever and we’re going bowling. I want to be chill, I want to wear some sneakers and some jeans.”

Her date gave pushback about her outfit after her response and was very unhappy when she showed up in her outfit of choice.

“I walk up and I’m like ‘Hey what’s up, I’m Ariel’ and the first thing he does is he says ‘You’re really short,’ straight like that. He looked me up and down. No ‘hey’, no ‘nice to meet you,’” she said.

After the insult, her date walked away to get bowling shoes.

“Instantly I’m turned off because I have never in my life had a man tell me that I was short and complain about it, usually men like it,” she said.

While the two attempted to lock in on their bowling game, her date was still fuming about her outfit.

“He’s like, ‘You could’ve came in looking fly, like I like my girls to look fly and that’s not fly what you got on,’” she said.

To make things worse, Ariel was annoyed at how aggressive he got.

“He’s asking me questions like, ‘Where you from? Where you grew up at?’ real aggressive and I’m like bro, what’s wrong with this man?” she said.

“Then he goes back on a tangent about how short I am.”

Ariel stands up for herself, telling her date that other men liked her height.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all actually,’” she said.

Her date continued to criticize her the whole time.

“I’m throwing the ball and he’s like, ‘You’re not really good at this. You suck,’ and he snatches the ball away from me,” she said.

At that point, Ariel decided she had enough and ended the date early using the work day as an excuse.

Though she was relieved to be away from the disastrous date, she was shocked when that wasn’t the end.

“I get home and before I get a chance to block him… he calls me and he’s blowing up my phone and he’s asking me to come over and I’m like, this dude is mentally insane,” she said.

“I blocked him and I deleted my Hinge and I never got back on Hinge after that because it scarred me for life.”

People thought that she should’ve left the date much earlier than she did.

“You gave him too many chances. Between the outfit request he would have been blocked…then the short comment..blocked!!” said one commenter.

“I would’ve turned around dip.”

“The way my mouth dropped lower as you kept going, I’d fight,” said another.

After getting called short and being insulted the entire date, she deleted the dating app indefinitely

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