King Charles and Sarah Ferguson ‘are supporting each other through cancer & are exchanging heartfelt letters’

<div>King Charles and Sarah Ferguson ‘are supporting each other through cancer & are exchanging heartfelt letters’</div>

KING Charles and Sarah Ferguson have been supporting each other through their cancer battles, sources claim.

The Monarch, 75, and the Duchess of York, 64, have both been hit by shock diagnoses within a few months of each other.

<div>King Charles and Sarah Ferguson ‘are supporting each other through cancer & are exchanging heartfelt letters’</div>
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The Duchess of York has been supporting King Charles, sources claim[/caption]


The King and Fergie both received their cancer diagnosis’ within months of each other[/caption]

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Charles and his sister-in-law have shared heartfelt letters[/caption]

Buckingham Palace announced on Monday the King had received the news after a “separate issue of concern was noted” during his corrective prostate surgery.

And in January, Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer – but remains “in good spirits”.

Fergie and Charles are understood to be sharing heartfelt letters with each other amid this turbulent time, the Mirror reports.

A source said: “The King and Sarah are incredibly fond of one another and now they have bonded over their respective cancer diagnosis with an exchange of letters.”

They added how “wicked” cancer is and how invaluable “support from loved ones and the extended cancer community” is.

The King was admitted to The London Clinic on January 26 to undergo the operation and his stay was extended by 24 hours.

In their statement a Palace spokesman stated: “Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.”

His Majesty is undergoing a schedule of regular treatments and “remains wholly positive”.

‘Keep fighting on’

Fergie spoke at a cancer charity fundraiser this week, the Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope in Palm Beach, Florida, and expressed solidarity with the King, telling him to “keep fighting on”.

Inside Charles’ 18-month reign before cancer shock

September 8 2022 – The world was left in mourning after Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022.
September 19 2022 – The stoic King led his family, marching behind the Queen’s coffin from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, at her funeral.
January 2023 – The Monarch deals with the fall out following Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare – in which the Duke blasted the Royal Family.
April 2023 – Harry has a “heart-to-heart” talk with his dad before agreeing to come to the Coronation in London
May 6 2023 – Charles is crowned King at his Coronation at Westminster Abbey.
September 2023 – Harry rejects an offer to spend the anniversary of the Queen’s death at Balmoral with his father.
November 2023 – The King celebrates his 75th birthday with a gathering of close family and friends at Clarence House.
January 17 2024 – Buckingham Palace announces His Majesty will be undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate.
Just hours previous it was also revealed Princess Kate had been admitted to hospital for a pre-planned abdominal surgery.
January 26 2024 – The King is admitted to The London Clinic – where Princess Kate was also staying.
January 29 2024 – Charles waves as he leaves the hospital following a three day stay and being given the all clear.
It is understood the Monarch will take a month to recover after the surgery as Queen Camilla stands in during public appearances.
February 5 2024 – Buckingham Palace announces a form of cancer was diagnosed during the King’s prostate op.
The statement confirms Charles has begun a schedule of regular treatments and “remains wholly positive”.
He will also be postponing front line duties on doctor’s advice but continue with his red boxes, weekly audiences with the Prime Minister, and monthly Privy Council meetings.
February 6 2024 – Prince Harry flies to the UK to be with his father as royal experts claim their four-year rift could be put aside.
The Duke of Sussex, who was informed of the news personally by the Monarch, was seen arriving into a private terminal at LAX in his black Range Rover

“I want to thank you all for your kindness in supporting my family members who are going through a hard time, and we wish everyone well, every family in the world, that has been diagnosed or who is going through a difficult time, we wish them well. And of course, my brother-in-law, we wish you well, keep fighting on,” she said.

The duchess was also told she had the disease just after Christmas when doctors found a suspicious looking mole.

Like Charles, Fergie was in hospital for a different reason – reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy – when the issue was detected.

At the time, the King reportedly wrote to her to express his support and best wishes.

‘Lucky to be alive’

The duchess was first diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram, The Sun exclusively revealed last year.

A source at the time said: “Most people usually associate breast cancer with a lump but that’s not always the case.

“A lump can be detected by the patient, but this was a ‘shadow’, which can go undetected as it’s a wider spread of cancerous cells.

“In Sarah’s case, a biopsy was taken from the shadowy area of tissue and a few days later the results came back to confirm the diagnosis — breast cancer.”

Following surgery, on June 23 2023, a source revealed Fergie was told the “prognosis is good” thanks to the “early detection”.

The Duchess returned home to recover after six days in the hospital following her successful procedure.

And, she told friends she felt “very lucky to be alive” after the gruelling eight-hour operation.

As a panellist on ITV’s Loose Women, the mum of two said of her diagnosis: “The drive from the Royal Free Hospital, I’ll never forget because, of course your mind goes into, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve got to have a mastectomy’.

“And you look it up and it’s all so terrifying and this is what’s going to happen, and then [you think], ‘I’m not going to see my grandchildren grow up’.”

It was during reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy that doctors removed several moles during the Duchess’ surgery.

Test results came back just days before Christmas and Fergie was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma.

malignant melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer.

The Duchess has urged everyone to check the size, shape, colour, texture and emergence of new moles to catch any potential skin cancer early.


It is understood she is undergoing further investigations to ensure the melanoma has been caught in the early stages.

Fergie has since been recuperating at the high-tech MAYRLIFE Clinic in Altausee, Austria.

The state-of-the-art wellness centre has been visited by a host of celebrities including Rebel Wilson, Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss.

Situated in the breathtaking Alpine scenery, MAYRLIFE claims to help its clients “shed the burdens of the soul”, with a strict focus on health and wellbeing.

Since revealing the second cancer diagnosis, Fergie has thanked her well-wishers on Instagram and expressed her gratitude for the level of support.

In a statement she wrote: “I have been taking some time to myself as I have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, my second cancer diagnosis within a year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

“It was thanks to the great vigilance of my dermatologist that the melanoma was detected when it was.

“Naturally another cancer diagnosis has been a shock but I’m in good spirits and grateful for the many messages of love and support.

“I believe my experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma and urge anyone who is reading this to be diligent.

“I am incredibly thankful to the medical teams that have supported me through both of these experiences with cancer and to the MAYRLIFE Clinic for taking gentle care of me in the past weeks, allowing me time for recuperation.

“I am resting with family at home now, feeling blessed to have their love and support.”

He’s doing extremely well under the circumstances.
He is very touched by all of the letters and messages the public have been sending from everywhere.”

Queen Camilla Talking of King Charles

It is understood her daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are in close contact with the Duchess and others members of the royal family have been in contact.

A spokesman said: “Following her diagnosis with an early form of breast cancer this summer, Sarah, Duchess of York has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

“Her dermatologist asked that several moles were removed and analysed at the same time as the Duchess was undergoing reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy, and one of these has been identified as cancerous.

“She is undergoing further investigations to ensure that this has been caught in the early stages.

“Clearly, another diagnosis so soon after treatment for breast cancer has been distressing but the Duchess remains in good spirits.

“The Duchess wants to thank the entire medical team which has supported her, particularly her dermatologist whose vigilance ensured the illness was detected when it was.

“She believes her experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma.”


The Royal Family are uniting amid this difficult time, from King Charles’ cancer diagnosis to Princess Kate’s abdominal surgery.

King Charles will continue with his red boxes, weekly audiences with the Prime Minister, and monthly Privy Council meetings, but they may have to be scaled back on the advice of doctors.

In the meantime, Prince William and Queen Camilla have taken the lead and stepped up to help with royal duties.

On Wednesday, despite the turbulent time for his family as Princess Kate recuperates from her abdominal surgery, the prince gave a speech at a charity fundraising gala.

William, who served as a rescue pilot saving lives for seven years, attended the event for the London Air Ambulance Charity.

It came hours after he returned to public engagements for the first time and held an investiture at Windsor Castle.

William was seen smiling and joking as he handed out gongs at the ceremony.

Queen Camilla has also put on a brave face amid the troubling time for her family.

She was seen with Charles on Tuesday for the first time since his cancer shock – taking a helicopter to Sandringham after meeting Prince Harry.

The King was spotted smiling as they were driven from their London home Clarence House to the palace.

Queen Camilla was also pictured at the opening of a new cancer treatment centre days before Charles’ diagnosis was made public.

Despite knowing of her husband’s condition she continued with royal duties and smiled as she greeted visitors.

This week, she spoke out for the first time sharing an update on His Majesty’s health at a charity event in Salisbury Cathedral.

She gave an update, speaking to Ben Abbott, 40, Critical care paramedic with Wiltshire Air Ambulance, and said: “He’s doing extremely well under the circumstances.

“He is very touched by all of the letters and messages the public have been sending from everywhere.

“That’s very cheering.”

Princess Anne has also stepped up and continues to help hold the family together.

The royal made a public appearance on Monday, at the dedication of a new St John Ambulance Community unit in Devizes, Wilts.

Signs of melanoma to look out for

Most experts recommend using the simple “ABCDE” rule to look for symptoms of melanoma skin cancer, which can appear anywhere on the body.

  • Asymmetrical – melanomas usually have two very different halves and are an irregular shape
  • Border – melanomas usually have a notched or ragged border
  • Colours – melanomas will usually be a mix of two or more colours
  • Diameter – most melanomas are usually larger than 6mm in diameter
  • Enlargement or elevation – a mole that changes size over time is more likely to be a melanoma


Sources claim the pair have always been fond of each other[/caption]


Prince William has stepped up to help with more royal duties[/caption]

Queen Camilla spoke out about the King at a charity event last night

Charles was seen smiling with Camilla leaving The London Clinic after his prostate op[/caption]


His Majesty and Queen Camilla spotted for the first time since the announcement[/caption]

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