Killer Mike ‘arrested’ at Grammy Awards moments after winning album prize

Killer Mike ‘arrested’ at Grammy Awards moments after winning album prize

RAPPER Killer Mike has been taken away from the Grammys in handcuffs after winning three separate awards.

The artist took home three awards, sweeping the rap category, before a reporter in attendance captured a video of him being escorted out of arena around 7:30 pm on January 4.

Killer Mike ‘arrested’ at Grammy Awards moments after winning album prize
Chris Gardner/ The Hollywood Reporter

Killer Mike has been detained following a sweeping three-award win in the rap category at the Grammys[/caption]


The artist was awarded Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for Scientists & Engineers, and Best Rap Album for Michael[/caption]

Chris Gardner/ The Hollywood Reporter

Officials told a reporter on the scene that Killer Mike was being detained in connection to a misdemeanor that occurred before February 4[/caption]

He was awarded Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for Scientists & Engineers, and Best Rap Album for Michael.

A writer with The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Gardner, has been documenting the detention of Killer Mike, also known as Michael Santiago Render, via X (formerly Twitter).

“Rapper Killer Mike has been taken away in handcuffs in [] arena after winning 3 #Grammys during telecast,” wrote Garden, captioning a video of Killer Mike in handcuffs.

The artist could be seen being escorted by two police officers while people from his team trailed behind.

As they all walked a bystander yelled, “Free Mike.”

Gardner reported that an official told him that the artist’s detention tonight was related to a misdemeanor that occurred prior to today.

“It’s a big nothing,” a source told him.

An official on the scene told Killer Mike’s team that it is possible that he could be released tonight.

Some fans question how small the related crime could be if police decided to detain the artist during such a public event.

“Weird that they’d treat a public person like this over a misdemeanor, full perp walk and dressing down,” wrote one X user.

“A big nothing? Then why arrest him at this moment?!,” questioned another.

Another theory is that Killer Mike’s detention is related to an incident that occurred during the awards show tonight.

According to TMZ, a law enforcement contact said that Killer Mike’s detention at the Grammys was related to a physical altercation with a security guard at the event and they were attempting to sort out what occurred.

The LAPD has not publically commented on the reason for Killer Mike’s detention.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to PAPD regarding the circumstances leading to tonight’s incident.

His arrest comes after the artist spoke out about the Young Thug YSL case in May of 2023.

“The side of town he comes from — Cleveland Avenue, southeast Atlanta — has been wrought with poverty forever … he managed to escape the streets using rap lyrics, and he’s managed to help people change their lives,” Killer Mike told Good Morning America at the time.

The artist is a long-time activist fighting against the use of rap lyrics in court cases, as was allowed in the YSL case.

“Young Thug — that’s a character that Jeffrey Williams created … but Jeffrey Williams is a father,” he explained at the time.

“He’s a human being that’s capable of love, care, and compassion.”

Following his detention at the Grammys fans and colleagues alike are speaking out.

“To arrest killer Mike immediately after the Grammies propaganda…. A lot of people are questioning the decision making and bases of the award choosing in the gen z era… their timing to award black men be totally off!” wrote artist Meek Mill in an X post.

Fans are similarly outraged at the timing.

“If anyone is actually wondering, Killer Mike got arrested for a misdemeanor which is bulls**t to arrest him at the biggest night of his life,” wrote one X user.

“Ridiculous! If it’s nothing, why not wait until after the Grammys!” wrote one user on Gardner’s post.

“There is no reason to arrest him at the Grammys? WTH,” shared another fan.

Some fans point to race as a contributing factor in the decision to detain the artist on such a monumental night.

“It’s a big something when a Black musical artist gets arrested on the biggest stage of the industry,” noted one viewer.

“They did this for a misdemeanor? No way would that have happened if he were white,” argued another.

At this time, the status of the artist’s detention is unclear as officials have not confirmed if Render has been arrested and charged.

LAPD has yet to respond to the U.S. Sun for comment and confirmation of Render’s current legal status.

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