Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were extreme racists & believed white race to be superior, victim Maria Farmer says

<div>Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were extreme racists & believed white race to be superior, victim Maria Farmer says</div>

JEFFREY Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were “notoriously racist” and shockingly believed the white race to be “superior,” the very first whistleblower of the sex scandal has alleged.

The late pedophile’s former live-in artist and receptionist, Maria Farmer, says that Epstein had no black friends and would never choose girls of color as his “victims.”

<div>Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were extreme racists & believed white race to be superior, victim Maria Farmer says</div>

Maria Farmer was the first accuser to alert authorities about Epstein and Maxwell in 1996[/caption]


Maxwell is currently in prison for her sex trafficking crimes[/caption]


Maria claims Maxwell was a ‘racist’ who called Naomi Campbell ‘my black friend’[/caption]

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Maria, who was abused by the pair, goes on to say that Maxwell boasted that she had only one non-white pal – and that was model Naomi Campbell, whom she’d call “my black friend.”

Farmer – who was the first to raise the alarm with the FBI in 1996 after being molested by the pair at Epstein’s benefactor Les Wexner’s Albany estate – claims that they both believed they were part of a “superior race” because they were white.

The 53-year-old tells one disturbing story of Epstein showing her a picture of a skull and giving a sickening theory that black people had a lower intellect. 

“He made a lot of ugly comments about black people to me,” Maria said.

“He showed me once a drawing of a skull divided into sections, it was back in the day that some believed you could measure the skull to tell intellect and he believed this.

“He was saying that skull is a black person, as it wasn’t as intelligent. I walked away feeling sick. 

“I said, ‘No, that’s not accurate,’ and he said, ‘Oh yes, Maria.’ He always said he was really into science, but he didn’t ever espouse any real scientific theories.”

She goes on to add that Epstein didn’t want black people at his swanky New York residence, explaining, “It was very strict the people that could be around them [Epstein and Maxwell]. 

“Several of my friends were models that were African-American and he told me not to bring them to the house because I had my friends come and meet me once. He asked me not to do that again – ‘I don’t want them coming back,’ he said.

“There was not one black person who came through the door [to see him].

“It seemed like everyone was blond, although the recruiters always had brown hair. The only people I saw coming in ever was white, period. 

“He really had a theory that white was the superior being.”


Farmer says that Maxwell took it one step further, adding, “Ghislaine made it clear that she was superior as she was white and Jewish. 

“She said, ‘Maria, you can’t go to our country club, because you’re not Jewish.’ It really hurt my feelings, I didn’t understand because they let [another assistant] Clare Hazell go there every day. I didn’t have the right Jewish DNA.”

Supermodel Campbell was listed in the recently released Epstein documents, which named victims, friends, and associates of the financier and Maxwell, although there’s never been any suggestion that she was involved in their sex crimes. 

She has previously admitted to knowing Epstein and Maxwell but said she had no idea about their crimes.


Now Farmer says that Maxwell used to call Campbell “my black friend.” There is no indication that Campbell knew about Maxwell and Epstein’s alleged racism.

“Maxwell was extraordinarily racist. I said one time to Ghislaine, ‘My friends have come to pick me up,’” she said.

“And she goes, ‘Oh, you have so many black friends.’

“And I said, ‘Ghislaine, why don’t you have any friends of color?’ And she said, ‘I have a black friend named Naomi Campbell. She’s my black friend.’

“She always called her ‘her black friend.’ She’s like, ‘I’m gonna call my black friend Naomi Campbell.’ All the time. Who says that? It’s racist.” 


“She was also very, very, very condescending to the Filipino employees and she would call them ‘dumb Filipinos.’ I’m assuming that it’s because they were not white,” she recalled.

“There was also the problem with, if you weren’t wealthy, then you were a piece of crap. And that was me. I was just dirt under their shoe, but dirt they had to please.” 

One of Maxwell’s former friends Christina Oxenberg corroborated Maria’s allegations of Maxwell’s racism.

Christina, who is a cousin of Prince Andrew, told The U.S. Sun, “Ghislaine told me a million times… ‘My father told me never to make friends with poor people.’

“I think she was 100% racist.”

Christina Oxenberg

“She said this to me repeatedly for 20 years, and unless they were Naomi Campbell, people of color weren’t even going to be entertained.

“She was the only one allowed in the coterie because she was a celebrity. And that was just for the photographs. That’s all they ever did, surround themselves with those people [celebrities].

“None of the people they hung out with even had a tan! And Jeffrey Epstein wanted to populate the world with his seed, that’s well-known now.”

She added, “I think she was 100% racist.”

It comes after over 200 documents have been released as part of a 2015 defamation lawsuit brought by Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre against Maxwell.

The files, released in New York over several days, have revealed the inner workings of Epstein’s world and how he and lover Maxwell would rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

They include allegations from victim Sarah Ransome who alleged Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson were filmed having sex by Epstein on separate occasions. All three men vehemently deny any wrongdoing and no tapes have ever emerged.

A woman named only as Jane Doe 3 – but understood to be Virginia – also alleges she was “forced” into sexual relations with Prince Andrew and “an orgy with other underaged girls” in the court documents.

The U.S. Sun reached out to a lawyer for Maxwell and reps for Campbell for comment.

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