IPP came into existence to serve people: Tareen

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) Chairman Jahangir Tareen has said that his part has come into existence with the sole purpose of serving the people, vowing that after coming to power, they will work for the prosperity of the country and the people.

“We will improve the quality of Lodhran, Multan, South Punjab as well as the whole country,” Tareen said while addressing a workers’ convention organised by IPP leader Mahar Muhammad Ashraf Sial, who is a candidate from PP-227 constituency for the upcoming general elections on Feb 8.

The IPP chairman said, “If the country runs strong, then everything will be fine. With the rise of honest and sensible people, the economy will be fine. If the economy is strong, then Pakistan will develop.”

He mentioned that a developed country had a strong economy, vowing to create a prosperous country where the youth would get honourable employment and the women their rights.

“Our manifesto is people friendly,” he said. “I will free people from politics of court and police stations.”

Tareen said that they would punish those who harassed the people, adding that people were supposed to get justice from the courts and the police stations.

He promised the people of Lodhran to do five times more development work than before in the next as many years, saying that Lodhran had always respected him and the people there were close to his heart. “I have advised my son to always continue to serve the people of Lodhran.”

Apart from Lodhran, he said, he was contesting the general elections from Multan as well. “I will also do the work that could not be done in Multan.”

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IPP candidate Sial said in his address that whoever took revenge against their party workers, they would respond to a stone with a brick.

“God willing, Lodhran will achieve great success by taking historical leaders from 13 union councils of the city,” he said, adding that vote for the eagle on Feb 8 and show deep love.

Malik Shahnawaz Kaliar, Arsalan Nawaz Bhutta, Rana Arsalan Khan, Hafiz Siddique Arain, Syed Raza Shah Geelani, Arshad Shah Bukhari, Mehr Faisal Akram, Irshad Abbas Ghalo, Kainat Raza addressed the convention attended by thousands of workers.

Tareen immediately announced the establishment of a dispensary at Wahi Dawood Khan.

Sajjada Nasheen Darbar Khawaja Ghulam Farid Khawaja Amir Farid Koreja from Kot Mithan offered a special prayer while declaring full support for Tareen and Sial.

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