I had a bad Hinge date – his comments about his own sister shocked me, it got worse when the ‘sword fighting’ started

I had a bad Hinge date – his comments about his own sister shocked me, it got worse when the ‘sword fighting’ started

A WOMAN couldn’t help but have regrets every time she redownloaded a dating app.

A horrible Hinge date didn’t help with her post-download remorse.

I had a bad Hinge date – his comments about his own sister shocked me, it got worse when the ‘sword fighting’ started
Katarina shared a terrible first date experience with a guy she met on Hinge

Katarina (@katarinakitt) recounted the terrible date in a video with her TikTok followers.

Before they even went on the date, Katarina said she spotted some red flags when she sent him an outfit photo of her wearing a Drake Her Loss album T-shirt.

“He goes, ‘Oh, you’re one of those. Hot take, Drake is trash,’” she said.

She dismissed the rude comments and proceeded to go on the date the next day.

At first, everything seemed fine and Katarina even texted her friends that her date was cute — until they started talking about their families.

“He goes, ‘Oh yeah, my sister though, she’s put on a lot of weight,’” she said.

Katarina was shocked when her date started comparing his sister now to what she used to look like in high school.

“Mind you, she’s 28. A grown woman. You are comparing her to ten years ago. You are comparing her to her 18-year-old self,” she said.

After “moving past” the conversation, the two head off to a bar to continue the date.

While walking, her date pushed her to the side of the street that was furthest from the cars but commented on how it was a hassle.

“That’s when I started to notice that every single gentleman thing he was doing was performative, on purpose so I would notice he was doing it,” she said.

At the bar, Katarina noticed that her date was name-dropping culture references to “seem intelligent.”

“He’s naming artists, different authors, quotes, movies, and all that,” she said.

“Then we’re talking about classic movies and he’s like, ‘I know there’s a movie for a fact you haven’t seen because there’s no girl I’ve ever met who’s seen it.

“And the motherf***er says The Godfather,” she said, rolling her eyes.

As they conversed, Katarina noticed that her date was getting frustrated that she was keeping up with his references and was even more shocked when he kissed her — mid-conversation.

“This man tried to suffocate me with his tongue. I’m talking never in my life did I think a tongue could go that far in a throat,” she said.

“I’m actively backing away, I’m moving away. I’m actively trying to push his tongue out of my mouth. Like f**king sword-fighting.”

As the date was nearing an end, her date kept suggesting that she spend the night but Katarina was adamant about returning home to Jersey.

“One, I’m not doing anything with you. Two, I’m on my period and I have a cat,” she said.

Her date managed to convince her to go out for a burger in Brooklyn and attempted to make friends to impress her on arrival.

“He starts talking about how he makes friends everywhere. I’m like me too and he cuts me off and is like, ‘No, you don’t understand. I make friends everywhere,’” she said.

“We get there and he starts talking to the cashier and the other line cook that was there. He’s flexing … and it’s so painfully obvious that they are actively laughing at him.

“I walk away and I let him do his thing and as we’re walking away, he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s what you’d get with me.’”

Katarina attempted to make conversation and asked a question about his family but got cut off while speaking.

“He goes, ‘No, you’ve got enough out of me tonight,’” she said.

Then, her date proceeded to give her some unprompted advice out of the blue.

“He’s like, ‘When you kiss someone, maybe use less tongue,’” she said, laughing.

“I say, me use less tongue? You were trying to kill me.”

After burgers, Katarina headed back to her date’s place in hopes of catching three hours of sleep before leaving in the morning, considering that it was late and difficult to get back home.

Her date, however, was disappointed that she was heading to bed fully clothed.

“He’s like, ‘If you’re feeling a vibe and you want to do something for me, you totally can,’” she said.

As her date headed off to use the bathroom, Katarina took the opportunity to finally leave.

People shared their heartfelt condolences on the trainwreck date in the comments.

“Dating in New York sounds treacherous,” said one commenter.

“The audacity of the unsolicited kissing advice,” said another.

Others thought that she should have handled it differently.

“Ok next time girlie, I need you to leave the date 5 minutes in. Save yourself some trouble,” said one viewer.

“That kiss was a huge turn-off. That would have been the deal breaker for me lol,” agreed another.

She was shocked when he started slamming his sister’s weight gain but was even more grossed out as the night progressed

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