I do a job in glorious sunshine that NO ONE wants and spend NOTHING for weeks – it’s the easiest way to make money

I do a job in glorious sunshine that NO ONE wants and spend NOTHING for weeks – it’s the easiest way to make money

A WOMAN has revealed she does a job no one wants despite it being the easiest way to make money.

Cindy, lives in sunny Australia and spends no money for weeks at a time even though she makes a whole lot of cash working in the mines.

I do a job in glorious sunshine that NO ONE wants and spend NOTHING for weeks – it’s the easiest way to make money
Cindy does a job no one wants working in the Australian mines

The popular Tiktoker revealed that it was easy to make a lot of money working in the mining industry[/caption]

The popular Tiktoker goes by the name Cindysbook and has a loyal fanbase of followers online who love to hear her advice about being a miner.

She labels the pay as “very lucrative” and even encourages her followers to follow in her footsteps and join her in the mines.

Cindy says in one of her viral videos: “If you are looking for one of the easiest ways to make money come into the mines. That’s where it’s at baby.

“I wish I knew this earlier but it is what it is, I’m here now.”

Cindy came from abroad to work in the Australian mines and says the risk of moving “definitely paid off”.

She now manages to live a lavish lifestyle away from her job as she saves so much money week-to-week.

In a video captioned: “How I manage a $15 (£12) budget for two weeks while on site”, Cindy tells her fans how almost all of her budget is spent on one essential item as everything else is paid for by her company.

Her flights are all free and daily accommodation and food is included within the job.

The only thing she pays for is laundry detergent so she can wash her dirty clothes after hours in the mines.

Alongside the economic perks that come with the job, Cindy also says being a miner lets her explore different places on various jobs, spend hours in the sun on the move and it keeps her fit and healthy.

In other videos on her page, Cindy reveals the best ways to get into mining.

She lists four jobs that anyone should be able to get into if they apply which will quickly propel you up the ladder and closer to a mining job to earn money fast.

Cindy says: “The first one is a trade assistant, the second thing is off siding.

“Three is utility worker. You can work in a bar, you can work in a retail shop, you can be a cleaner, a kitchen hand, housekeeping. There’s a few things under utility worker.

“And another one is a pit technician.”

In the UK, the average mining salary is an impressive £45,000 per year or £23.08 per hour.

Entry level positions can get you a pretty penny at £35,000 per year but the most experienced workers can make a whopping £75,000.

A man had revealed he also has a job that people would never think of doing despite him being able to pocket £30,000 in months.

Shaun Tookey, 30, from Hertfordshire, has cleaned more than 100 graves since he began in May 2023, earning an amazing £30k from the side hustle he says is “peaceful” and “satisfying”.

This comes after a self-employed man claims he earns more than £500 daily doing odd jobs that no one wants to do.

Spencer Claeys, from Seattle, revealed he works just five hours-a-day and still makes more money than your average person – all without even going to an office.

The worker said he runs a cleaning business – and that demands up to £150 for scrubbing people’s rooftops and gutters.


The TikTok star says she only has to spend $15 on laundry detergent as the rest is all paid for her[/caption]


Cindy gets to enjoy the glorious sunshine as she works[/caption]

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