I discovered a cheap hack to avoid putting the heating on – you just need a £1.60 item from B&Q

<div>I discovered a cheap hack to avoid putting the heating on – you just need a £1.60 item from B&Q</div>

AN ecologically-minded expert has revealed a dirt cheap hack to avoid putting the heating on – and you need an item from B&Q which costs just £1.60.

The TikTok user known as ‘@ecosufficiency’ advocates “off grid and self-sufficient living” and has nearly 225,000 followers his tips and hacks.

<div>I discovered a cheap hack to avoid putting the heating on – you just need a £1.60 item from B&Q</div>

Using this hack could be cheaper than turning your heating on[/caption]


The simple device is made from two terracotta plant pots which are screwed together[/caption]

The post was in response to a question from another TikToker which asked: “Can you do something about heating options to help ease the cost of living. Been thinking about terracotta pot heaters. Thanks.”

The eco expert started off the clip by saying: “So, I’ve been trying to work out whether one of these little terracotta pot tea light heaters is going to save you any money than just switching on an electric heater, say if it is connected to the grid.

B&Q is currently selling a terracotta plant pot, with a diameter of 11.2cm for just £1.58.

You will need some tea lights too and Asda is selling a pack of 100 for £3.75, working out a 3.4p per light.

The heaters shown has two terracotta pots, one inside the other and are held together with a metal screw.

The terracotta pots are then placed on a stand a little above the tea light, the pots then warm up and radiate the heat out.

He said: “Because tea lights are so cheap it might be that these are actually cheaper to heat your house than just switching on your gas or electric.”

The influencer then works out the maths to see which is actually the cheapest.

According to his figures, one tea light “has about 150 watts of energy in it.”

He added: “There’s about 6p worth of heat energy in each one of these tea lights.”

Although, according to his figures, if tea lights are costing more than 6p each then it is “probably” better to just switch the heating on.

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The TikTok influencer then tries to work out if it’s cheaper[/caption]

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Terracotta flower pots are widely available from the high street[/caption]

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