I camp in my car & still don’t get any condensation thanks to 5 top tips – my favourite uses £2 Halfords gadget

<div>I camp in my car & still don’t get any condensation thanks to 5 top tips – my favourite uses £2 Halfords gadget</div>

A MAN who camps in his car each night has shared his five clever tricks to avoid waking up with dodgy condensation plaguing your windows.

Popular TikTok star Luno Life shared his top tips online after spending the last few years living out of his camper van and sharing his experiences with his fans.

<div>I camp in my car & still don’t get any condensation thanks to 5 top tips – my favourite uses £2 Halfords gadget</div>

Luno Life shared his tips to avoid getting condensation in your car[/caption]


The portable fan can be found in Halfords for only £2[/caption]

He captioned the viral TikTok video: “Car camping can get a little tricky in colder months!

“Here are a few ways we like to reduce condensation.”

The first and most important of his five steps is to use a portable fan to keep air circulating inside the car to stop that foggy build up of condensation forming.

Portable fans are a brilliant gadget to keep in your car regardless of if you live in your motor or not.

And the best thing is you can grab one for super cheap from any local Halfords store as they are only £2.

The convenient, travel size fans can fit inside your glove compartment with ease and will come in handy according to Luno.

As the temperatures plummet and weather conditions worsen, it’s crucial for motorists to be aware of how to get rid of condensation on their car windows.

Misty windshields can pose a danger for drivers if they aren’t cleared before setting off as their vision is obstructed.

Step two is to avoid any excessive heat cranking in the car and keeping the inside of your motor at a consistent temperature to keep the airflow regulated.

Even if it gets chilly in the car, Luno doesn’t recommend just whacking up the heating to max as he says when you turn it down again the drastic difference in heat will only cause more issues long term.

His third tip is to make sure your windows are insulated to keep the warmth in and the cold air out.

He recommends using window covers or reflectix to help with this – which can be found for under £10 at Screwfix or B&Q and keep you toasty in the car.

Number four is the most simple step and it can be done for almost no money at all in just seconds.

Luno thinks a key step before bed each night is to wipe down surfaces that are usually prone to condensation before you sleep.

His final way to reduce condensation while car camping is to use moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packs.

Another social media influencer has also revealed her clever hack to banish condensation from cars.

Her trick costs as little as 5p per use and is the cheapest method to get rid of mist on windows she’s ever seen.

Most drivers know the importance of having a clear windscreen and windows before heading off in their car.

Driving with your vision obscured could land you with a hefty fine – whether it’s foggy, icy or just plain dirty.

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 and the Highway Code state that “windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision”.

Failure to clear windows properly can lead to a fixed penalty fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points.

If the offence is committed within three years of a previous conviction for the same offence it could even lead to disqualification.


The five tips are all easy and cheap to do but will keep you much warmer on those cold nights[/caption]

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