Having rare ‘peasant feet’ could net you big bucks online – expert reveals top earners can pull in $44,000 a year

Having rare ‘peasant feet’ could net you big bucks online – expert reveals top earners can pull in ,000 a year

An expert has revealed that you could make up to $44,455 a year selling feet pictures — but only if you have certain types of toes.

With more people turning to side hustles, selling images of your soles is becoming a common pastime, but the real money-makers are specific types of tootsies.

Having rare ‘peasant feet’ could net you big bucks online – expert reveals top earners can pull in ,000 a year
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Sex therapist Melissa Cook revealed that you could make thousands selling feet content[/caption]


Not all feet, however, are created equal, she says[/caption]

If you are lucky enough to have peasant, Roman, or Greek feet, you could be walking on a gold mine, with these being the highest earners in the foot fetish community.

Melissa Cook, a sex therapist, has shared her top tips for raking in the cash when it comes to your toes.

“Foot fetishes are one of the most common fetishes,” the expert told What’s The Jam.

“The rare ‘peasant’ foot type takes the lead when it comes to earnings — this is when the three largest toes are equal in size,” she said.

“If you want to be successful, there are lots of things to consider, but mainly, you need to think about the quality of your images and understand your audience.

“It’s more than taking just a quick snap, it’s a process.

“Try to get creative and think about incorporating props, taking multiple images, learning to edit, playing with different lighting and filters, and practicing multiple poses.

“Creating unique and high-quality content is more likely to sell.”

A recent survey by FunWithFeet found that models with square feet earn up to $44,000.

They were followed closely by Greek feet, where the second toe is longer than the rest. People with those can earn $42,000.

Meanwhile those with “stretched feet” can earn $38,000.

Roman feet, in which the first three toes are the same length, are also big money-makers.

They are uncommon in the foot modeling community.

“Red toenail polish is favored among the majority,” said Cook.

“What’s more, a model’s personality can have a big impact on the overall experience as well as whether an individual will return and buy pictures again.”

However, two shapes will have you out of luck and among the lowest earners.

The common Egyptian foot, with a tall big toe, and the ape shape where the big toe leans into the smaller toes, earns around 50% less than any other foot type.

With users displaying a preference, those with clean and nail-polished pictures are 75% more popular, with 96% of people saying they find hairy feet unattractive.

Despite this, common tootsie shapes can still see $26,000 a year on average, particularly if you let your personality show.

Jam Press/FunWithFeet

A study revealed the taste of 10,000 foot lovers[/caption]

Jam Press/FunWithFeet

A study revealed how much foot content creators could make depending on their foot style[/caption]

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