Everything’s going wrong in our home – the landlord won’t fix any of it

Everything’s going wrong in our home – the landlord won’t fix any of it

DEAR DEIDRE: THE list of broken and faulty things in our home gets longer and longer – but still the landlord never arrives.

I’m a 31-year-old woman and live with my boyfriend, who is 32.

We keep our house in pristine condition, despite the multiple jobs that need doing. The landlord just tells us to keep an eye on it.

Some things, such as a leaky tap, can wait. But most of our radiators have stopped working and the back door won’t lock.

Every time something goes wrong, I worry the landlord might get rid of us, thinking we are breaking things on purpose.

If she kicks us out we have nowhere else to go.

The weekly rent goes up £20 a year and we receive a bottle of wine every Christmas.

But what we want is for the jobs to be done.

What can we do?

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DEIDRE SAYS: A landlord is obliged to have these issues fixed for you within a reasonable time, no matter the cost.

Get in touch with Shelter (shelter.org.uk) who give free housing advice.

I hope your landlord will carry out the repairs soon.


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