England WAGs told ‘don’t flash your bling’ & stars install panic rooms after spate of horror raids at footballers’ homes

<div>England WAGs told ‘don’t flash your bling’ & stars install panic rooms after spate of horror raids at footballers’ homes</div>

ENGLAND WAGs have been told “don’t flash your bling” and stars have installed panic rooms after a spate of horror raids.

Some members of Gareth Southgate‘s squad are taking wider security measures following a series of raids on Premier League footballers.

<div>England WAGs told ‘don’t flash your bling’ & stars install panic rooms after spate of horror raids at footballers’ homes</div>

England WAGs were reportedly given a warning ahead of this summer’s Euros[/caption]


Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha Attwood was at the property when it was recently raided[/caption]

Raheem Sterling had to leave the Qatar World Cup when his home was targeted

In December, Jack Grealish’s terrified family hit panic buttons as a gang of burglars looted £1million worth of jewellery and watches at his home.

His loved ones, including partner Sasha Attwood, were forced to take cover as cops rushed to the £5.6million home to avoid a potential hostage situation.

After Grealish spoke of his ordeal, some of the stars consulted architects about panic rooms.

Now, The Mirror reports that WAGs have been warned not to show off expensive jewellery and avoid giving potential thieves targets with houses set to be empty more often than not during the European Championship in Germany.

“They’ve been reminded of the previous educational sessions which they have had on security,” said a source.

“The dos and don’ts.

“Don’t advertise jewellery, display it online or post images inside or outside of their homes.”

The Euros will take place this summer, running from June 14 to July 14 in Germany.

A large group of ‘WAGS’, including Fern Maguire, 28, wife of Man Utd defender Harry, and keeper Jordan Pickford‘s wife Megan Davison, 27, are set to travel to Germany.

Jack Grealish‘s girlfriend, the fashion model and influencer Sasha Attwood, 27, and Luke Shaw‘s partner Anouska Santos, 31, are also likely to travel.

The WAGs have been given a security update, and have access to an online document which offers advice ahead of the tournament.

Manchester United star Victor Lindelof already has a panic room, used by his wife and children when their home was targeted.

Joelinton was the latest footballer to be targeted by robbers after a spate of terrifying raids at stars’ homes across the country.

The injured Newcastle midfielder had been watching his team take on Man City from the sideline when the thieves struck

While at St James’ Park he immediately contacted the police who raced to the address in Northumberland, shortly after 7.30pm.

By the time officers arrived at the multi-million pound home the attackers had fled.

No one is understood to have been inside the property when the home invaders struck.

West Ham star Kurt Zouma‘s family home in Essex was targeted while he was inside last year.

The injured Newcastle midfielder had been watching his team take on Man City from the sideline when the thieves struck.

The robbers also stole jewellery and high-end watches worth £1million – with Zouma forced to miss his team’s game against Crystal Palace.

Sources said the gang, who are still being hunted by cops, were “aggressive and organised”.

A number of other players have also been targeted in the past including ex-Prem stars Joao Cancelo and Paul Pogba.

Footie ace thefts

SEVERAL rich footballers have been targeted by burglars in recent years:

JAN 2024: Joelinton’s mansion was targeted by thieves after getting an alert three burglars were lurking in the property

DEC 2023: Jack Grealish’s terrified family were home while thieves raided his £5.6million Cheshire property

DEC 2023: Thieves took £100,000 in cash and jewellery from West Ham ace Kurt Zouma’s Essex pad.

DEC 2022: Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling returned from the World Cup after a raid in Surrey.

SEPT 2022: Burglars burst in on then-Liverpool star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, his Little Mix singer fiancée Perrie Edwards and their young son in Cheshire.

MARCH 2022: Paul Pogba’s home in Hale Barns was raided as he played a Man United home match in the Champions League.

JAN 2022: Victor Lindelof’s wife and two sons hid in a bathroom as their home was ransacked while he played for Manchester United at Brentford.

JAN 2022: Man United’s Jesse Lingard had £100,000 of gems and clothes taken as he played at Aston Villa.

DEC 2021: Man City’s Joao Cancelo was left with a bruised face after confronting four attackers who threatened his family.

Many of the stars have been targeted by “away day” looters who will strike when teams travel for their games.

This was true for ex-Man Utd star Jesse Lingard, who was robbed as he played for the Red Devils away at Aston Villa in January 2022.

His former teammate Victor Lindelof‘s home in Hale was raided the same month while he was in action for Utd in Brentford.

The defender’s wife Maja Lindelof and their two children were forced to lock themselves away while their mansion was ransacked.

In December last year, Raheem Sterling was forced to fly back from the Qatar World Cup after raiders struck at his Surrey home.

Terrified fiancée Paige Milian, 27, was at home at the time with their two kids.

She raised the alarm when the gang took watches worth £300,000.

Last year, there were five burglaries alone on the homes of footballers.


Newcastle star Joelinton’s home was raided[/caption]

Kurt Zouma was robbed recently
Victor Lindelof was playing away when wife Maja was confronted by robbers

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