’Blast from the past’ say M&S shoppers rushing to buy iconic fizzy drink flavours new to shelves

<div>’Blast from the past’ say M&S shoppers rushing to buy iconic fizzy drink flavours new to shelves</div>

SODA fans have shared their excitement over “amazing” new sodas newly launched at popular supermarket Marks and Spencer. 

The soda cans are designed in a retro style which the posh retail giant said leaves fans in a nostalgic mood.

<div>’Blast from the past’ say M&S shoppers rushing to buy iconic fizzy drink flavours new to shelves</div>

The new M&S Soda cans have retro styling and throwback flavours[/caption]

The £1.20 drinks are available in three flavours: classic cream soda, sour cherryade, and dandelion and burdock.

The cans were launched in September 2023, with M&S saying drinkers would be transported back to their childhood.

The cans are only sold in 250ml single units rather than in four or six-packs.

M&S said: “Have you tried one of our all-new soda-licious cans yet?”

One fan said: “The sour cherryade is amazing.”

“You had me at dandelion and burdock,” said another.

A third said: “Loving the sound of the sour cherryade”.

Cream soda was a drink first invented in the mid-19th Century in America as an alternative to alcohol.

Original recipes used egg whites, baking soda, milk, and sugar and then flavoured with lemon, vanilla and pineapple.

Now, the drink is available all over the world in different varieties, including in the UK.

They were designed by Happy Drinks Group but are available at M&S Foodbarns.

The drinks would be perfect for a dirty soda, where drinkers mix the soda with ice cream and fruit.

Shoppers are also going crazy for another M&S product – white pearl strawberries which shoppers say taste like white chocolate.

The not-so-naughty treat was released exclusively in M&S last year and shoppers are ecstatic after seeing that they’ve made a return in 2024.

M&S is also set to shut three of its 405 department stores after several others were closed last year.

The stores set to close are in Aberdeen, Peterborough, and Sunderland.

The popular British clothing brand has also been praised for engaging younger shoppers with its elegant and stylish clothing such as day dresses and wide-legged trousers.

But long-standing customers complained that they felt “let down” by M&S’s new fashion strategy.

Punters complained that the staple trousers and skirts are too long, and that there is a shortage of neutral tones.

The full list of M&S closures that have took place in 2023

East Kilbride – February 2023
Fenchurch Street, London – March 2023
Meadowbank Retail Park in Edinburgh – April 2023
Castleford – April 2023
Bolton – April 2023
Cardiff – April 2023
Manchester – August 2023
Swindon – October 2023
Birmingham city centre – November 2023
Barnsley’s town centre – November 2023


The new cans have been described as bringing ‘nostalgia’ to drinkers[/caption]

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