Amazon shoppers rush to checkout ‘incredible’ Stanley Cup dupe that’s £22 cheaper than the viral version

Amazon shoppers rush to checkout ‘incredible’ Stanley Cup dupe that’s £22 cheaper than the viral version

AMAZON shoppers have managed to find an “incredible” stainless steel water bottle that is almost identical to the viral Stanley Cup.

The “dupe” is currently on sale and a whopping £22 cheaper than its posh equivalent that seems to have taken over the world.

Amazon shoppers rush to checkout ‘incredible’ Stanley Cup dupe that’s £22 cheaper than the viral version

Amazon shoppers are going wild for a £23 stainless cup that resembles the viral Stanley[/caption]


The insulated cup is a much cheaper alternative to the posh coffee cup[/caption]

For just £23, bargain hunters can get their hands on the Beast 20oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup.

It is usually £29, but was recently discounted.

The cup bears an uncanny resemblance to the much more expensive £45 Stanley steel water bottles – known for their variety of colours, monstrous size and ability to keep drinks cool for 48 hours – which have become something of a status symbol in times of late.

Some 57,000 people have rated the “dupe” Amazon product five stars online, raving about its “incredible quality” and ability to keep ice frozen for up to 18 hours.

One amazed customer wrote in a review: “I LOVE this tumbler! The colour is gorgeous, the quality is great and the size is perfect.”

Someone else said: “It is so rare to actually purchase something nowadays and genuinely get what you pay for! Or to put it in a better way, something of decent quality.”

Another commented: “I love it. Keeps ice for 12+ hours, is dishwasher safe, fits in cup holders – all around great choice. And the rainbow metallic looks really cool.”

It’s quickly climbing the Amazon “Mover and Shakers” list, more than likely due to its similarity to the popular Stanley Cup.

One customer wrote: “Don’t get me wrong, the Stanley is top class, but this ‘Monster’ tumbler is just as good.

“Costs at least 40% less, hold much more drink, comes with a lid (The Stanley doesn’t) and 2 metal straws and a straw cleaner!! So much better value, more features, much bigger and much cheaper.”

The Amazon tumbler is also made from a similar 18/8 stainless steel, splashproof lid, metal reusable straw, and shatterproof BPA-Free Tritan plastic, with double insulation that keeps ice frozen for hours.

Its immense size also seems to help people drink more water throughout the day and keep their hydration levels up.

This week, shoppers were thrilled to discover another Stanley Cup “dupe” at Sainsbury’s being sold for just £15.

The cheaper dupe is flying off the shelves and has many glowing reviews online.

Others have rushed to Home Bargains to grab another lookalike going for a fraction of the price.

Home Bargains’ Hydrate Tumbler With Straw. retails for just £4.99, saving Britons a whopping £40 compared to buying the real deal.

Even Primark has dropped its own version of the coveted Stanley cup.

The dupes are just £8, and come in a three different colours.

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